The Definitive Handbook on B2B Social Media Ad Metrics in 2024

B2B Social Media Advertising is hard to approach correctly. However, if a business creates a good strategy and understands it, it can yield great returns. Also, social media users account for 4.5 billion people, and the number will keep growing as technology evolves. So, understanding how to approach business on social media through ads will be key in 2024.

Furthermore, the first question after implementing social media ads is, is it actually working? In order to know this, there are different ways to track results as well as applying a strong B2B social media strategy. In this post, we will analyse the B2B realm and its concept, the specific benchmarks to achieve success in 2024 and trends & social media apps to social media advertising. 

What is B2B Social Media Advertising and its Current State

B2B Social Media Marketing is a way to connect with other businesses on social media platforms such as LinkedI, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Hence, targeting broader audiences as social media advertising is growing and B2B campaigns will be more important than ever.

LinkedIn is a great example of a professional platform to connect with others, making intelligent connections, sharing industry views and promoting services for professionals. In the case of Twitter, it is a dynamic platform to increase B2B engagement. On the other hand, YouTube and Facebook focus more on storytelling and brand improvement through visually appealing content. 

Social media platforms for B2B marketing

B2B marketing has been changing as social media trends evolve. B2B ads are crucial as social media platforms can achieve successful marketing strategies in the digital landscape.

Key B2B Social Media Ad Benchmarks in 2024

Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates

As we step into 2024, identifying the critical benchmarks in B2B online advertising becomes essential for businesses seeking to maximise their digital exposure. Firstly, Click-Through Rates (CTR) keeps being one of the most important metrics. Moreover, LinkedIn has a CTR of 0.44% to 0.65%, then the average CTR of YouTube is 0.65% and Facebook goes from 0.04% to 0.33% CTR as follows:

  • In-stream video ads: 0.33%
  • Facebook feed ads: 0.29%
  • Instagram feed ads: 0.04%
  • Facebook and IG Stories: 0.10%

Conversion rates enhance aligning content according to advertising formats. Video content on platforms such a sYouTube exhibit good conversion rates, boosting videography engaging content.

Social media can improve conversion rates and CTR
Boosting CTR and conversion rates with social media marketing

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click is dynamic and constantly changing with industry benchmarks demonstrating the cost structures depending on the platform.

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content is around 6 to 9 pounds. Also, depending on the industry it can cost 4.38 pounds.
  • Facebook CPC is about 1.98 pounds. 

Other metrics

B2B advertising on social networks relies heavily on engagement indicators such as likes, shares, and comments. An increase in interactivity indicates consumer connection and loyalty to the brand. Optimising and getting a knowledge on the different benchmarks empower businesses for 2024 strategies, resonating more with the audience on social media.

How to analyse the b2b strategy on social media communication
Other metrics to analyse ad success

Emerging Trends in B2B Social Media Advertising: The Power of Video Content

Even though B2B social media marketing is constantly changing, there is one trend that keeps on top – the dominance of video content. Social media platforms are experiencing an increase in video consumption, making it the perfect way to engage with the audience. Traditional advertising is being surpassed with visual videography with compelling storytelling, capturing attention and boosting brand identity.

An example of video power is Cisco System. By recognising the shift in consumer preferences, they are able to use video content in all platforms. Therefore, showcasing product demonstrations, leadership and including customer stories. As a result, engagement increased along with brand visibility.

what users want to see on social media b2b
Trends for B2B social media communication



Advertising to businesses in social media can be difficult to achieve but it gives great returns and increases brand awareness. Therefore, companies should start considering this as part of their marketing efforts. Also, depending on the metrics and the goal, there are several platforms. Additionally, video content has the potential to further increase the reach by using creative storytelling.


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