How to Incorporate Animation into Your Online Marketing Strategy

The consumption of video content is at an all-time high, with people spending hundreds of hours watching videos. In fact, viewers tend to prefer short videos over lengthy written content.

This is where the use of animation in your marketing strategy can make a significant impact. By incorporating animated videos into your marketing efforts, you can improve traffic to your website and attract potential customers. It’s safe to say that animation can be a game-changer for your business, providing an effective and engaging way to connect with your target audience.

Your digital marketing strategy is key as it is the way you have to reach the audience. One of the most successful ways to communicate with your target audience is through animation. Motion is not only appealing in terms of visual appearance but is also a form of grabbing attention.

Why using animation will benefit your business?

Using animated video can have several benefits for your company and here is briefly why.

On the one hand, people consume content on their phones more and more each day. On the subway, waiting for the bus, taking a coffee… Consequently, sometimes they are not able to put the sound on in public places, so, animation can help with it. If it is a product, an animation will feature its properties and give the viewer an overview without explaining all in detail. And with it, they can choose to further research the specific characteristics.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a brief presentation of the company. For example, adding animated videos on your website or on social media. It will improve and reach a wider audience, as it has been proven statistically. Hence, starting to use animation may be the key to marketing business success.

benefits of using animation in a business digital marketing strategy
Why use animation in your online marketing strategy

How to use animation in your digital marketing strategy

People enjoy animated videos since they are an interactive and easy way to get to know a company or its products. There are different types of animated videos, but the important thing first is deciding what is the animation’s purpose. That is why the next step is to know where it is best to implement these videos.

Product animations & animation explainers

Animation is very popular in product videos. Mixing the product with animations to make it engaging and colourful, and putting a voiceover will make a product video outstanding. Animation helps simplify complex subjects and make easier the explanation of its features.

In addition, animation explainers can be of any kind. From motivational speeches to products or businesses.

animated product video
Using animation in product videos

Social media animations

Social media is increasing as an advertisement tool. However, not only can be done through posts and influencer marketing. It can also be used with animation. The shooting is shorter and the necessary resources are less than the ones in a normal video, as well as the editing since animated videos are usually short. But it is important to know which social media platform is best depending on the type of business. As it is not the same using it as B2B as it can be with LinkedIn than Facebook or Instagram.

Animated videos on your landing page

The landing page conversions can be improved with the presence of animated videos on it. Using animation in short videos is an intermediate between utilising photographs or longer videos. Therefore, it is especially useful as an introduction, and thus, on the landing page of your website. Besides, according to one study, adding a video to a landing page raises conversion rates by 80%.

In the following photo, we can see an example of a landing page. If instead of a sole photograph of the sofa, they had an animated video where it changes the catalogue to their different products, viewers would have a general overview. Thus, it will increase the chances of customers seeing a potential piece they like for their home, instead of having to look through all their pages.

animation in landing page
Animation in landing pages

Motion graphics for corporate companies

Finally, it may seem as if animations are not serious for corporate companies. Nevertheless, this could not be more wrong. Animations are excellent for explaining businesses, and even more, if they are corporate ones. Also, it is a form of making it easier for customers to understand the company and know what they do. Through storytelling and relatable characters, creativity can attract many new customers while connecting with existing ones.


Making an animated video production can be helpful for your company and easy if you count on a team of professionals. Moreover, making the animation creative can attract customers and make your brand outstanding. Lastly, several companies are using animation even for brand logos, such as Google. So, why not keep up with the trends viewers want to see?

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