Video Before You Scroll Please!

13th July 2016

Video Before You Scroll Please!

One of the many questions we get asked is “where should I place my company video on my website?”

MY SIMPLE ANSWER – I would encourage making your video visible as soon as your visitor lands on your homepage, this means before one has to scroll down the website or nowadays thumb up!

Placement type

You don’t have to worry about a video player taking up your mobile screen real estate, there are plenty of plugins that allow you to place your video within a bar, circle and small icons which once pressed allow the video to open up in a light box within the screen.

Why video, why now?

Firstly intention spans are becoming shorter, with the increasing speed of information being made available, secondly with more competitors coming to the marketing and SEO being bought up by the dominate players, there is an overwhelming amount of options for your service and products out there. The right video allows you to make an impact in the shortest time possible.

Customers 1st

Simply put yourself in the position of your prospective client, if you were looking for camping tents, visited 10 websites in one day and came across one that had an informative video discussing the pros and features of a tent, later which website and company name would you remember easily?

Social engagement

Engage the visitor, have a share button on the video, allow them to share with others who will assist in the selection process, allow past customers to leave feedback as outlined in our ‘Making your work speak for itself’ blog. The video can also be posted on multiple social media sites driving traffic and potential customers back to your website.


Your homepage is your virtual store front, it’s a gateway to the rest of your website and the numerous products and services you provide. The right video will give your visitor a quick snap shot of all that you have to offer.

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Gurmit Samra


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