Why you should hold virtual and live events

Events are the most effective type of engagement marketing, and businesses may host them live, virtual, or in a hybrid form.

That is the reason why companies invest a part of their financial resources in them.

Moreover, events can produce more income since they raise awareness, upgrade brand equity, and nurse customer connections.

Throughout this blog, we will explain the differences between the three (live, virtual and hybrid events) and recommend which to use when planning one.

Live event

Virtual and live events - people at event

Live events occur when all attendees are present at the same time the event is taking place.

On such occasions, verbal communication is crucial so that the audience can nourish the message sent further.

People attend events because they can form links by talking with and meeting people who share similar interests.

Although it is the most effective method, the costs of these events may be excessive, and not every firm can afford them, and individuals from other parts of the world cannot attend.

Virtual Events

Virtual and live events - people talking in a virtual event

If Covid has taught us something, it is that virtual events can be just as successful as in-person events.

These kinds of events occur when individuals attend them totally online.

Companies use it when there are limited resources (time or money), as it is less expensive and simpler to organise than in-person events.

Phone calls or employees rushing around the office during the event, on the other hand, can easily distract attendees. Worse, if it is retained for an extended length of time.

Hybrid Events

Virtual and live events - hybrid corporate meeting

But if increasing the number of participants and your firm’s exposure is your aim, hybrid events are better for you.

People can still attend them, or connect online in case they are unable to visit owing to travel restrictions or anxiety about mixing with strangers.

They may, however, engage and interact with the in-person presenters even if they are not physically there.

Besides, this strategy saves firms a lot of money on transport and makes it available to a whole new market.

For these sorts of events to go well, companies need a competent video production business, and Impress Video is here to help with that, as we offer a variety of event video services to corporate industries.