What is a Corporate Video? And what can you use it for?

Before hiring a corporate video production business, you must first comprehend what is a corporate video, and how you want your project to be.

The process will go much more smoothly and your connection with your selected agency will improve if you have a clear notion of what you want to accomplish.

This allows you and the agency to collaborate on a common vision rather than making quick judgments at the last minute. So first you need to know:

What is a Corporate Video?

In its basic terms, a Corporate Video is a video that shows:

  • What a business does: Do they offer a product or service or both?
  • Who the business works with. For example, with clients’ reviews, you will be able to show happy customers.
  • How the business delivers its service: For instance, the processes that they undergo.
  • The people who make it happen: That is the team of people behind the product/service.
  • The key people who lead the way: the key person/s with the vision together with examples.
  • Where it happens: the offices, workshop or factory.
  • The technology involved: cutting-edge technologies they use.
  • The national or international reach: national and or global clients.

Here is our Corporate Video:

Which types of Corporate Videos are there?

There are many different kinds of corporate videos, all of which have specific goals and functions. An overview of the different kinds of corporate videos is provided below:

  • A showreel: is a video that showcases a person’s prior work and is typically 2-3 minutes long.
  • Location video: A area tour video is a full-motion video of a specific location that shows the surroundings from every angle.
  • Investor relations video: perfect to share your corporation’s achievements, increase attendance rates, and engage shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Explainer video: a brief film that is intended to promote the goods or services of a company.
  • Video testimonials: A video testimonial documents a client or customer complimenting a business to promote their positive experience.
  • Product demo: demonstrates how your product functions by showing it in use.
  • Drone video: filming footage with a remotely controlled aircraft system. Here at Impress, we can provide you with a drone video that will for sure impact your audience.

Apart from knowing that these are the types of corporate videos that you can do, you can also choose to make them with animation. this is done by showing the processes of your business in cartoon form in a step-by-step process of your business. This video can highlight the stages involved in doing business with you.

Aim of your video

The video you chose is entirely dependent on your goals and the message you want to convey.

A testimonial video will be used to increase credibility and confidence in your services. By displaying actual individuals on television discussing their own great experiences, you urge others to invest in your service.

However, if you want to advertise your new facility to clients, a location video might be appropriate. This allows you to give consumers a complete virtual tour of your new office space. Once again, it all comes down to the purpose of your video. Once you’ve established this, you can choose which sort of video works best for its intended purpose.

How much does a Corporate Video cost?

A corporate video could cost you nothing if you film it on your smartphone to anything up to £100,000 and beyond depending on what you want to include. Typically a corporate video can be priced anywhere between £3,000 – £30,000, the next section will highlight what affects the pricing.

  • The production company involved and their expertise
  • Equipment and personnel used
  • The number of days filming and editing
  • Special animated effects and graphics
  • Music
  • Creative approach
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Licensing and revisions

The time it takes to make a Corporate Video

Just after receiving an enquiry, we can produce a corporate video in 30 days. This covers all phases of production, including early planning, location visits, interviewing subjects, capturing daily activities, editing, revisions, and final delivery of the finished product for posting to a video-hosting website like YouTube or Vimeo.

However, some clients choose to film their company for a total of six months if they are working on case studies.

What’s more, we are seeing many clients request their final videos in different formats, like keynote-ready formats to display their videos on their exhibition stands in addition to having their videos in shorter lengths and sizes for the many different social media sites.

Finally, over the past several years, we have observed with our customers a genuine change away from the conventional corporate filmmaking strategy toward a more individualised humanistic filming one.

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This blog was published on 3rd December 2019, but for understandability and update purposes, this was updated on 4th August 2022.