What is a Corporate Video?

3rd December 2019

What is a Corporate Video? And why are companies making them?

In its basic terms a Corporate Video is a video that shows:

  • What a business does. Do they offer a product or service or both?
  • Who the business works with. For example, case studies of clients.
  • How the business delivers their service. For instance, the processes they undergo.
  • The people who make it happen. That is, the team of people behind the product/service.
  • The key people who lead the way – the key person/s with the vision together with examples.
  • Where it happens – their offices, workshop or factory.
  • The technology involved – cutting edge technologies they use.
  • Their national or international reach – national and or global clients

How do you make a Corporate Video Production?

There are a number of ways to make a corporate video, for example:

  • Animation – this is done by showing the processes of your business in cartoon form in a step by step process of your business. This video can highlight the stages involved in doing business with you.
  • Video – giving a 360 overview of the business with interviews and video footage from all or some of the people involved in the process.
  • A day in the life of – showing the day to day activities of the business. As well as the processes, people and technology involved.
  • Case study video – how your solution helped a real world client overcome their problem, this video might include an interview with the client too.

Who is a Corporate Video for?

Your video could be aimed at one user or a multiple group of users for example if you’re operating in a B2B (Business to business) workspace. Your video might be targeted to one kind of business sector or multiple groups of sectors. Furthermore you might make products for the dental market so may only want to target dental practices, alternatively you may be a web company and want to target all business sectors.

How much does a Corporate Video cost?

A corporate video could cost you nothing if you film it on your smart phone to anything up to £100,000 and beyond depending on what you want to include. Typically a corporate video can be priced anywhere between £3,000 – £20,000, the next section will highlight what effects the pricing.

What impacts a Corporate Videos pricing?

  • The production company involved and their expertise.
  • Equipment used.
  • Personnel used.
  • The number of days filming.
  • The number of days editing.
  • Special animated effects.
  • Special graphics.
  • Music.
  • Creative approach.
  • Celebrity endorsements.
  • Licensing.
  • Revisions.

How long does creating a Corporate Video take?

A corporate video can be turned around within 30 days from initially inquiry. This includes everything from initial planning, to visiting locations and filming the day to day activities along with interviews to editing in addition to revisions and the final delivery of the video uploaded to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo.

Some clients might want to film their business for the duration of a 6 month period showing case studies they are working on.

We are seeing many clients request their final videos in different formats. Clients are requesting keynote ready formats to displaying their videos on their exhibition stands in addition to having their videos in shorter lengths and sizes for the many different social media sites.

Special note

What we’ve found with clients over the past few years is a real shift from the standard corporate filming approach to a more personal humanistic filming approach for instance showing the people behind the scenes in a more relaxed manner. Personally I believe this comes from the ‘authentic’ approach of storytelling such as ‘hey look we’re humans just like you’ as opposed to ‘this is our brand name, you’ve known this for years’.

If you would like to get us involved with producing your corporate video (or any other type of video), why not give us a call or provide more detail on our form. We can then discuss your needs in more detail and start you on the journey to showcase your business to the world.


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