Lights, Story, Engagement: Keys to Making a Good Promotional Video

Making a promotional video can seem straightforward but following best practices is important. Including these key elements could mean the difference between an alright promotional video and a good one. The main goal of a promotional video is to grab people’s attention and get them excited. Hence, to achieve this, you have to think of the video as a teaser and use fast cuts, dynamic titles, and upbeat music. 

Promotional videos have to focus on the key messages and the target audience at all times, letting viewers be fully immersed in the experience your product and services offer. Furthermore, good storytelling will make the storyline and promotional video process smooth. Besides, graphics and text in the video are key for users to remember the important message of the video and its purpose. Therefore, consider using a visual call to action to instruct viewers on what to do next, whether it be a limited-time discount offer, subscribing to an email newsletter, or anything else. 

Whilst creating a promotional video for your business, you will find yourself looking for alternatives to promote your products or services to avoid being repetitive. So, a good option is to create multiple versions of different edits. 

How to Make an IMPRESSive Promotional Video

Here is the outline of the promotional video production process – how to create a promotional video to convey the right message and attract audiences. You can follow through the key steps to create your effective video. Also, innovating with these practices will make your video stand out from the crowd.

1. Defining the Key Objectives

The first step is to define the purpose and objectives of the promotional video. This includes having a clear and strong defined objective in order to make the video production process easier for both the company and the videographer team. With a clear goal, the video will reach the audience and achieve effectively its purpose.

Defining a clear objective

2. Tailoring the Video to the Target Audience

Once the key message has been defined, it’s time to tailor the video to your target audience. As a result, the company will ensure attracting and reaching the right customers who will engage with the video. Also, by understanding the audience and tailoring the video production, viewers will be more likely to engage with the video.

3. Research and Planning the Video

Next, you have to outline the research and planning towards the execution of the video. Hence, this will be part of the video production proposal. To ensure a good production, planning in advance is key. That way, everyone will know exactly what to do on the shooting day and it will be easier.

Planning and researching to ensure a good production

4. Storyboarding and Scripting

With all the above, it is a good idea to brainstorm ideas within the team to craft the storyboard and make the perfect script. So, visualising the final video outcome and deciding how to make a strong message. Also, it is crucial to understand the difference between mood board and storyboard.

5. Shooting Time

Then, it’s time to shoot the promo!!! Either with a video production company or with your smartphone, you need to have a previous budget allocated to it. However, we recommend seeking the help of a professional team that already has all the necessary equipment and shooting knowledge.

Time to shoot the video

6. Post-production and Editing

After shooting the video content, editing is the final step to putting all the videos together to fit the storyboard. For this, music has to be selected accordingly as it plays a key role in the video’s engagement.

7. Promoting the Promotional Video

Once the video is ready, it’s time to promote across different platforms the final version of the promotional video. Monitoring performance and sharing the video in the appropriate social media platforms will make your video target the right audience for your business.



Making a promotional video production combines different processes. However, if approached correctly, it can give great returns. Furthermore, if you work with a video production company, the process is much easier as they have the expertise. So, start thinking about producing a promo video for your business.


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