Where to find music for your TV adverts

Selecting appropriate music for your TV adverts can be as important as creating decent videos, so don’t do the mistake of not having good music. Even more now with the growing popularity of using video in companies. The music we chose for our projects is critical because it can dramatically impact the outcome and how customers view the firm.

However, if we have a limited budget, it becomes even more difficult to track down the best music for your TV adverts. Do you wish to use music that’s not too pricey? And that it also gives your project high quality? And it’s only a click away? Don’t worry, your journey is over since we’ve compiled a thorough list of websites from which you may obtain the right soundtrack for your videos.

Let’s get on with it!

Basic types of Music Licences

But, before we show you our selection, we thought it was vital to clarify the different sorts of music licencing. This way, you’ll know exactly the type you need for the project you’re working on.

  1. Public Domain: Because these songs are not copyrighted, they are freely available to everyone, whether for personal or commercial purposes. You can experiment with this music in whatever manner you like because you can edit and remix it.
  2. Royalty-free: Although you must pay at the beginning, you can use the music for as long as you like without having to make recurrent payments. Music that is royalty-free can be utilised for both personal and commercial purposes.
  3. Creative Commons: a non-profit organisation that provides content producers with free, standardised copyright licences. As a result, artists receive credit for their work. So these songs can be shared and used for free. However, keep in mind that there are several types of CC, each with its own set of legal requirements.

Public Domain

  1. YouTube Audio Library: You may utilise this large collection of music for your next video production if you simply have a YouTube account (All tracks are free, but Creative Commons licences require attribution).
  2. Free Music Archive: Its music collection has over 150,000 songs by performers and songwriters from throughout the world (All tracks are free, but Creative Commons licences require attribution).


  1. PremiumBeat: PremiumBeat meticulously verifies each new addition to their stock music library, which includes both classical and current audio recordings. This stock music site contains music that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet since it prioritises quality over quantity.
  2. Epidemic Sound: one of the greatest options, with music updated once a week to discover the right match for your video, you may quickly search music by genres, moods, durations, tempos, or vocalists.
  3. AudioJungle: one of the most affordable premium stock music websites.  Its offerings range from cinema that requires a large number of tracks to business culture videos that just require one. They also provide music creators with music kits, sound effects, and codes. (Tracks start at 1 pound)
  4. Jamendo: it may have the right tune for your explainer video because it uses original songs rather than improvised music.
  5. Audio Network: Vice, MTV, and even HBO are among its high-profile clientele. Their stock library prioritizes genuine artist work instead of computer-generated beats. But it may not be for you if you’re seeking creative commons music.

Creative Commons

  1. SoundCloud: with over 125 million songs, so that their users can safeguard their work using a Creative Commons license.
  2. Free Play Music: it is perfect for educational and personal material. But if you prefer, you can use it for your company as well, although this will be a little bit more pricey (prices range from $0-$0.99 for personal use to $25-$500/year for commercial use).


We hope this list has helped you as much as it has helped us to discover great songs for our projects.


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