Why choose London as the place to make a corporate video production

Companies choose London as a location to make corporate video production. In this post, we will insight into why this city is so popular for video production.

Videos are one of the main marketing techniques by corporations. Nowadays, internet users enjoy videos rather than any other form of advertising. So, investing in a corporate video may give your business the visibility needed.

In the UK, the most famous city for making videos is London. Not only is this due to being the capital of the country but for many more reasons, explained below.

Corporate video production London
Why is London a good place for corporate video production

Reasons to make a corporate video production in London

1. Wide audience

London currently has a population of 9.6 million people. Furthermore, it is the fastest-growing city in the country and attracts millions of tourists each year.

Consequently, it is home to many big companies worldwide and it is considered one of the best business cities. So, making a corporate video in this location can be key to targeting new audiences and reaching potential customers. In addition, people migrate to London seeking business potential, so an international audience can be achieved by making a video there.

2. Video Production skills and experience

Being able to manage to find spots to make a video in London within a budget, gives production companies credibility. This shows their skills and management knowledge since in London it can be difficult to work. As London is a non-stoping city where people seem to not stop working, it is kind of frenetic.

So, counting on a team of experienced producers that have already worked in the city is the best option. They have the knowledge and contacts necessary to have to do video production efficiently.

London corporate video production London
London corporate video production experience

3. Video Production opportunities

Since London is a big city where several businesses are established, it is easier to rent offices to make a corporate video. Also, there are more possibilities and flexibility due to the range of opportunities. Consequently, there is a higher rate of highly qualified people.

Taking advantage of the opportunities available can help give a more professional look to the video. Moreover, being more efficient; because collaborating with specialists facilitates getting work done.

4. Higher social share potential

The social share potential is higher in London than in any other city in the UK. This is due to the fact that bigger audiences are more likely to share the video.

Thus, by getting more sharing between customers, it can result in reaching new consumers. Additionally, this can also boost videos getting more views and hence, possibly going viral. A good example is the countless TikToks that go viral only because they are about London.

London social media potential
Increased social media potential and audience

5. Google and Search engines

With the high population London has, it means that more people search on the Internet. For example, it is widely known that in the London subway, people are on their phones. Usually, they are looking at emails, on google searching for something, or on social media while in the subway.

Therefore, the search engine is working more as many people search for things in the area. Hence, by producing in London, your business will rank higher on the Internet. All this will lead to people finding your company easier. And this can increase engagement rates on your web by introducing videos.

6. Customer experience and credibility

By targeting London, more people will probably give their experience as consumers. This relates directly to the credibility of the corporation, since reviews matter for consumers. Good reputation and how your audience sees your company is key to reaching loyal customers.

Customer engagement possibility in London
Customer experience and boosting consumer engagement


Video production and marketing in London can be an important asset to corporations. Whether your company is established in London or not, making a corporate video production is a good choice. Making a corporate video production in the capital has many opportunities to take advantage of. As a consequence, new audiences and markets may be reached.

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