Instagram is a free app to share photos and videos. Its users can upload photos and videos but also comment, like and share other people posts.

As stated in previous blogs, video is a powerful marketing tool that is currently being used by many companies. For years, companies with big budgets were the only ones using video marketing. However, since Instagram was created, small companies and start-ups are also using video as part of their marketing strategy. 

Why you should create Instagram Videos

Although square shape photos (1080×1080) are still the most common format on Instagram, videos are becoming very popular. Some of the reasons that explain this change and that justify the investment in Instagram video production are the following:

  • Videos allow you to share complex stories that can’t be conveyed in an image.
  • Videos tell more than photos.
  • Engagement numbers for videos are growing at a faster rate than photos.
  • Videos hold our attention 5 times more than images.
  • Instagram users can access Instagram Analytics which gives them information about what type of content their audience is enjoying the most. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your marketing strategy.

In addition, Instagram videos can be more personable and actionable. Businesses don’t have to produce high quality videos to start seeing results. In fact, they can raise brand awareness and launch new products or services through videos filmed with their phones. Instagram users are flexible with the quality of the videos they see. 

Types of Instagram Videos

Instagram videos come in all shapes and sizes the.  You can upload them as:

Instagram videos uploaded as a post can be up to 1 minute long and no expensive equipment is required to make them. A mobile phone and an editing app are enough to obtain a good video. Just make sure you have a specific goal in mind before you create it. For example, you can use the post to promote your product/service or to build brand trust using an authentic approach.

  •  Instagram Stories

With more than 500 million users per day, Instagram Stories are a great way to reach new potential customers and build strongest relationships with your existing ones. You can also use them to raise brand awareness, direct and drive traffic to your website to make online sales. These videos are 15 seconds long and you can be as creative as you like. Nevertheless, don’t forget to reflect on your brand’s tone and style. 

  •  Instagram Live Videos

Many companies are currently using Instagram Live Videos to launch new products and for promotions and sales. They can only be broadcasted from your device and they are also very useful to reach new audiences and to raise brand awareness.

  •  IGTV

IGTV is a channel that businesses can use to express their creativity and to increase their followers. The videos uploaded to Instagram TV don’t have to be as perfect as the ones posted in the feed and the topics are endless. So far, companies have used IGTV to share tutorials and company news. 

How to drive sales from Instagram

A powerful and useful tool that businesses can use on Instagram to drive sales, raise brand awareness and to increase the number of followers is the ‘paid for’ sponsored Instagram Story Advert. In fact, Instagram states that 75% of Instagram users take action either visiting the website or making a purchase. 

What’s more, companies can target their audiences based on location, demographic and interests. Many companies also use Instagram Story adverts for re-marketing. In other words, they show videos related to what you have been looking for on other sites that may be relevant to you. 

Finally, Instagram Stories ads are not being utilised by many companies. Thus, it is a great opportunity to outperform your competition while advertising costs are still low. 

As a conclusion, taking into account the amount of people that are on Instagram every day and the impact that video has on consumers, we do recommend you to start using Instagram videos or to keep the consistency if you are already using the platform. You can either do it yourself or hire our social media production services.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you to understand the usefulness of Instagram videos and the different tools that you can use. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Thank you for reading