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11th June 2020

YouTube videos

YouTube is the second largest social media platform where users can watch, like, comment and share videos. In addition, users can also upload their own videos. Used by millions of people per day, it is the second largest search engine. That is, people firstly go on Google and search, and then they move to Youtube and search. Furthermore, YouTube has SEO advantages too. In fact, similar techniques are used to optimise both websites and YouTube videos. 

When optimising a YouTube video, factors like the title, the description and images have an impact on how well your video ranks. Thus, make sure you follow these key tips:

  • Create an eye-catching and relevant title (At least 5 words). Look for relevant keywords to include in your title. To know which are the words people usually search for you can either use the YouTube Search Suggest feature or the Traffic Source: YouTube search report. 
  • Optimise your description (Include the keyword in the first 25 words). It will help search engines determine what your video is about. The better the algorithms understand your video, the higher you’ll rank. 
  • Create playlists to organise your videos. 

Uploading videos to YouTube and adding YouTube SEO to your marketing strategy can have a huge impact on your company, giving you additional exposure and increasing your brand’s reach. 

YouTube Advert Production

YouTube is not only used by companies to share videos, but also to advertise their products or services. Many companies use 30-20 second adverts or even 5 second adverts that play before you watch a video to raise brand awareness, advertise new products or to engage new audiences. 

In fact, YouTube has a number of tools, extensions and targeting options that can go unnoticed but that are very useful. Such tools are:

  • YouTube analytics. YouTube lets advertisers collect information about which videos your customers watch and for how long. 
  • Advanced targeting options. You can target your audience by region, age, nationality and interests.
  • Channels. Unlike Facebook, you can customise your channel to express your business personality.
  • Homepage ads. Advertisers can purchase prime ad space on Youtube’s homepage, ensuring it attracts a lot of people’s attention.

There is now a Premium version with no ads. However, many people still prefer to have the service for free and watch the two adverts that play before the videos. Thus, it is still very much worth investing in the production of a YouTube advert.

Another good thing about YouTube is the cross-platform integration. You can embed a video from YouTube in virtually every single platform online. It does not matter if it is Facebook, WhatsApp or LinkedIn, it will play in every application. 

YouTube Adverts vs TV adverts

Knowing the advantages of having a YouTube advert, you may be wondering whether it is better to invest in a YouTube advert or a TV advert. Well, if you have enough budget I will recommend you to invest in both as you may obtain better results. However, despite their similarities, there are also some important differences that make YouTube adverts a better option, especially for small businesses. The differences are:

  1. Pay per view. In YouTube, when the users click the skip ad option, the advertiser is not charged for the ad spot.
  2. No minimum investment is required for YouTube videos. In addition, they are slightly cheaper in production. 
  3. Targeting options. A TV advert targets a varied audience whereas on YouTube you target an audience who are engaged by age, nationality and interests.
  4. More ad reach. With a YouTube advert, you know that the user is watching your advert as his/her attention is focused on the mobile/laptop screen. However, when there is an advert on the TV, the audience may be doing another activity such as cooking, reading or checking their mobile phone. 
  5. Easier for you to track the ROI using your YouTube ad dashboard.
  6. YouTube adverts can easily be shared through other social media.

In conclusion, YouTube videos and YouTube adverts are really useful for companies nowadays. Thus, if you don’t have a Youtube channel yet, go and create an account. It will make a difference. Finally, if you have any doubts or you’re looking for a production company to make an advert, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help. 

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