Zeynep Kartal @ London Fashion Week

15th March 2017

Zeynep Kartal @ London Fashion Week

Zeynep – “Gurmit I want to try video on the catwalks is this something we can do?”

Fast forward to London Fashion week 2015 and we’re filming Zeynep Kartals 2017 Spring collection. Backstage its busy, it’s hectic and there’s models and Zeynep’s latest clothing range everywhere. Models don’t think twice before trying in the next garment, I don’t know where to point the camera, there’s kids here! Cover their eyes, maybe not? Maybe everyone is desensitized by the fact that these models do this day in day out, gentleman mode goes back into the run and gun mode and I capture the essence of preparation the unseen team.

Zeynep is no stranger to the limelight having had the pleasure of designing outfits for Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga to name a few.

On the catwalk fashion bloggers take their reserved seats as I take my position next to a dozen or so photographers. With my camera focus ring being subjected to a thousand or so turns, the catwalk is over, it was quick. Models, garments, cutaways, paps, models, audience, models and more models.

The draft edit is prepped on my return journey back to the Midlands and Zeynep is able to review the promo the very next day. 30mins after sending the video I receive a call from Zeynep, she’s happy – very happy.

The following day we cut a final version of the web video – graded, scored and titled fit for YouTube, Instagram and twitter. Her following share it, the suppliers share it, the models and LDN (London fashion week) press share it. A Manchester gazette feature it and write an article on it.

Overall it’s a success, it’s our first insight into the world of a fashion run way, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be our last.

On a Bin-liner commercial I get a call from Zeynep – “Gurmit what do you know about the Beetles and Abbey Rd?”

Both stories coming soon….

Thanks for reading – Gurmit Samra


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