A guide on how to create Animated Videos to promote your brand

Animation videos have become one of the most essential marketing tools to promote a product or service. This surge in need comes from its effectiveness in raising brand awareness, increasing sales and encouraging people to take action.

These videos tend to be simple, engaging and straight to the point, making it easy for viewers to retain the information conveyed in the video. Given their importance, we provide you with a complete guide on how to create animated videos to promote your brand. But first of all we will start this guide by explaining the different types of animated videos out there. So the structure of the blog will be the following one:

  • List of the types of animated videos
  • Complete guide on how to use animated videos to promote your brand

Types of animated videos

There exist different types of animated videos, so the one you choose will significantly depend on the type of video you want to create and on your marketing needs. These animated video types are:

2D Animation

In a 2-dimensional realm, animators construct the characters and backgrounds for these videos. They employ music to capture people’s interest and generate emotion, as well as a storyboarded narrative to communicate the message.

Monkey vs Owl, “The letting experts” contacted us to produce a 2D character animation video to promote their business.

3D Animation

3D Animated videos are videos created in a 3-dimensional space. They are the most suitable video type to present 3D objects or to give more credibility to the video. An example of when to use 3D animation is in a medical procedure. Here, animations help people visualise the procedures without having to watch disgusting images. 

In this project, we produced an animated video for Trent Vehicle Charging  to show and promote its product: electric vehicle charging points. We decided to use 3D animation because it helps customers quickly understand the product and its impact on their lives.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations consist of a set of hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard with a combination of emulated animation. They are incredibly effective to communicate complex ideas and businesses tend to use them for their explainer videos. 

Kinetic Typography

In this type of animation, video producers manipulate words to create emotions or ideas. During the production process, texts can be moved, made larger or blended. Besides, with regards to their purpose, these videos are especially effective to make a point using words and letters. They are usually very minimalistic but very impactful too. 

Working closely with Fifteen Design, we produced NMCN’s animated video utilising text animation to share the journey of the brands’ evolution.


Infographics use graphic animation to create easy to understand and interactive informative videos. This type of animation tries to give viewers as much information as possible in a short time. 

Screencast Animation

This is the greatest style to use when discussing items, a website, or an app – as long as you don’t plan on updating the UI afterwards. It’s mostly an animated version of your mobile application or your website that walks the user through the process of using the desktop site or mobile app.

This sort of video is particularly useful for improving consumers’ experiences when using your product or service, and thereby increasing, or at least maintaining, income at a consistent level.

Most videos that are intended to be tutorials or how-to videos will incorporate animated screen-caps to make it easier to comprehend.\

Creating Animated Videos to Promote a Brand

There are many ways to create effective animated videos to promote your brand. However, our highly skilled video team has created a list of the main steps to be followed based on its experience.

  1. Firstly, take time to understand the goal you want to achieve. Do you want to promote your product or service, or do you prefer a “how-to video” to explain to viewers how the product/service works?
  2. Start defining the message you want to get across to your audience. This is your starting point to get the ball rolling on where the focus of your animation is going to be.
  3. Ask the team of illustrators to create a storyboard. It should show how the story will play out scene by scene. This stage also helps you identify if the message will be presented in such a way that it gets the best results.
  4. Time to record the voice over with a professional voice artist (if possible). Finding the right voice over is key for the success of the animation video.
  5. With help of a professional animation team, add all the movements and voice over to the illustrated scenes. Also, for a final touch, add music and sound effects. They will influence the tone and feel of the overall video.
  6. Finally, market your video. Upload it to your social media channels or to any other key marketing channels you might have.


OUR TIP: If you decide to invest in an animated video production, make sure you ask for the source files so you can repurpose the content in the future. Repurposing your animated videos means that you will be able to maximise on the money that you have spent creating it. 

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