Average length of an effective TV advert

25th August 2021

There has always been a lot of debate about which is the best length for a TV commercial, but the thing is that the most effective length for your TV advert depends on the message you want to convey. Can you tell the story in 15 seconds, or do you need 30 seconds to do so? 

The UK standard length for a TV commercial is 30 seconds, but nowadays many advertisers are able to get their messages across in 15 seconds. 

Examples of different lengths of TV Commercial

As mentioned before, the most common lengths for a TV commercial are 15, 30 and 60 seconds. Here in this blog, we will evaluate and sum up the impact of each of these lengths. 

15-Second TV Advert

The most common and loved TV adverts worldwide are the 15-second TV advertisements. These usually come from shortening the full 30-second ads into the 15-second format.  

15-second ads keep people’s attention for longer. This is more important now than ever as people’s attention span keeps going down. Besides, these short adverts can be repurposed on multiple platforms, increasing therefore the chances to reach the targeted audience. 

The following TV advert is an example of what would be a 15-second TV ad. It was produced for Visqueen by our company, and it is characterised for being short and straight to the point. In order to reach the target audience (young females), the TV advert was uploaded to YouTube and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

30-Second TV Advert

The use of 30-second adverts is considerably going down these days and many people argue that they will be out of the picture anytime soon. 

30-second ads provide more information than 15-second ones. After watching these ads, viewers have a better understanding of the products or services the brand offers and of the values it stands for. This may help them make decisions. Besides, it is easier for a brand to build a connection (emotional or intellectual) with the viewer with longer ads. 

The following TV ad is called “The Ultimate Gardener”. It was also produced by our team to introduce Visqueen’s new line of bin bags to the market. As you can see, it provides more information about the product than the first one but at the same time is short enough to keep the audience engaged without losing their attention. 

60-Second TV Advert  

Most TV commercial production companies do not longer produce 60-second TV ads. As mentioned before, the average attention span is really low, and it keeps decreasing as time passes. Therefore, it is key to get across as much as you can in a short period. After about 45 seconds people tend to tune out which can result in bad brand recall. Besides, production and airtime costs are higher, making it less attractive to invest in these adverts. 

So, are 60-second TV commercials worth the investment? Only if your brand needs that time to convey the message or evoke certain emotions. Businesses usually use them to introduce themselves to the market or to announce new products or services as it is easier to create brand awareness. Otherwise, they use shorter versions. 


Summing up, although all lengths are effective in some way, use 60-second ads to build brand awareness and 15 and 30-second ones for any other objective. 

After reading this blog you may have an idea of which is the best length for your next tv advert. Should you have any other doubt about your next TV advert production, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help.

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