How can brands benefit from a Product Demo Video?

14th May 2021

A product demo video shows potential customers the key features and benefits of a product, allowing them to assess whether the product covers their needs or not. This is important as people don’t buy products unless they know they are going to be useful. Briefly, a product demonstration is an important tool for brands looking to promote and market their products and willing to increase brand awareness and website visits. 

How can brands benefit from a product demo video?

1. Product demos bring proof

Over the last years, people have become more sceptical about the claims made in marketing. This is mainly because a lot of adverts contain false statements that mislead consumers. Therefore, to drive sales, you should build brand trust and demonstrate the effectiveness of your product. Product demos (and especially live demonstrations) provide this clarity and proof to people. 

2. Save time and money

Using a sales representative to showcase how a product works and its benefits takes up so much of an organisation’s budget. The business should pay for the salary, rent, or travel costs within other expenses. Having a demonstration video produced by a video production agency instead saves the organisation time and money. Besides, if the demo video is distributed and marketed into the right channels, larger audiences can be attracted and converted into customers. 

3. Need for contemporary customer-oriented demos

People need to discover products that solve their problems and that achieve their desired results. Product show copies are a great tool to market a product since they give a live exhibit of the item tackling the client’s problem. Potential customers can then imagine themselves using that product and achieving their desired result. 

Product demo video recordings give a way to clarify your item’s highlights and advantages. All through the demo, you can show what makes your item special. You can grandstand why explicit highlights have been included and work your way towards taking care of your client’s concerns.

Demo videos are also a more cost-effective marketing tool than sales representatives as you can reach people from all around the world, including people from different time zones that won’t otherwise know about you. 

Product demo video recordings

Item show recordings are an incredible method of familiarising your current customers with another item that you are selling. Demo recordings can rapidly give them a feeling of whether an item may be reasonable for their necessities. Since an item showing video doesn’t have to have clear selling it feels less noisy than other video types. 

Item demo recordings are not a substitute for face-to-face selling but rather a tool to make it simpler and more useful. Item demo recordings can also give a valuable preparation tool for your outreach group. 

Once shared online, you will be able to access analytical data that will provide you insights on how to modify your demo video for better results. The data will show you for example for how long people have watched the video. This will give you an idea of what is the ideal length of your next video. You can also check at which point have people drop off. 

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of what is a product demo and the benefits it provides to a brand. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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