CLIENT ‘Gurmit what makes Impress Video Production different from any other Creative video production agency out there?”

GURMIT… “Well…”

“6 years in the making and now it is official: let the show commence. The team got bigger and the vision got stronger. Allow me to reintroduce… Get Gone Movie, released on Amazon Prime the 21st of January”

About Get Gone Movie

It was at Cannes 2013 when I received the seed funding for my debut feature film script ‘Get Gone’. Right after the event myself and Melissa Amatt, my associate producer on the film, started what was going to be a long journey. The first steps were casting and scheduling followed by production and post-production. It took much time to find the perfect cast, but it was worth the wait. They were all awesome passionate individuals. Four years later, Get Gone premiered at Camerimage 2017, where it was showcased alongside a unique selection of films. It was then regarded as the ‘most interesting movies with top cinematography produced in Europe’.

Since then, myself and the team have been pushing to release Get Gone on the right platform for the right audience. The journey has been a real one, but now it is official: Get Gone will be released on Amazon Prime on the 21st of January 2021.

About the story

The film is not just about drugs, knives, or gun crime. It is about ideologies and ‘the why’ people feel a sense of belonging to certain groups, and the negative effects that can sometimes have on the community as a whole. You can watch the trailer and read the synopsis embedded below to learn more about the film:

The Synopsis of Get Gone

Aaron Walker returns home upon hearing about the death of his younger brother Tom, who died from a drugs overdose. Through his younger cousin Ryan and ex-girl Danielle he comes to face old friends, friends he longed to forget. 
Aaron is  then forced to visit his old ways and delves into a life of crime; he soon finds those dark secrets about his past come back to haunt him.

Get to know the leads of Get Gone Movie

Alex Guildford (Aaron Walker), Natalie Martins (Danielle), and Danny Fitzsimons (Ryan) are the main characters of the film.  They are emerging actors and you can learn more about them through their interviews. By watching the following videos – you will learn about the actors casting experience, their thoughts on their characters and relationships with the other members of the crew:

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding about Get Gone and where and when you can watch it. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on Instagram (@getgonemovie), Facebook (@GetGoneMovie), or YouTube (GetGone) for further updates.

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