Nice TV Commercial – Are you online ready though?

31st December 2020

TV advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote a brand, products or services. However, taking into account that a large part of the population is online most of the time and that the marketers’ main aim is to attract as many people as possible, focusing only on traditional advertising is not an option anymore. The best practice right now is to combine both traditional and online advertising. So if you have a TV commercial, don’t stop there. Repurpose your content and put it online to maximise your return on investment. 

Where can I promote my TV Commercial?

There are many platforms where you can share your video ad. Here in this blog we’re going to show you some of them as well as the best practices for each of the platforms.

1. Social networks

Once produced, upload the commercials to all your social media profiles. You may have to adapt your existing assets as most people won’t watch the full video due to low attention spans. Try to deliver the main message within the first 10 seconds rather than at the end (Usually done in TV adverts, watch a few and learn!). Some of the social media platforms you can use are: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and you can either upload the commercials as a post or create ads. 

If you decide to share an advert on Facebook or Instagram, make sure it is short, it has a square shape and it does include captions as most videos are viewed without sound. In addition, ensure that your landing page is optimised for both mobile and desktop because these platforms will drive customers directly to your website. 

If you upload your Ad to LinkedIn, show what you want your audience to see in the first 10 seconds, include a clear CTA at the end to lead potential clients through the process and add subtitles, as many LinkedIn members will watch the video without sound. Here, the length of the video will depend on your objective. 5-15 sec videos are used to encourage the audience to learn more, 30 sec videos give quick overviews of the products or services, and 1 min videos show richer stories that try to evoke an emotion.

2. YouTube

Another option you have is to create a YouTube advert. YouTube offers you 4 different ads formats: skippable video ads, non-skiable video ads, mid roll ads and bumper ads. The most affordable option is the first one as you only pay for the add if the person actually watches it. However, ad placement is not the only aspect that impacts cost. The cost per view also varies depending on the video quality and targeting options used. Some of the existing targeting options are:

  • Demographics
  • Audiences
  • Remarketing 
  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Placements 

3. Additional Video Platforms

Social networks and YouTube are not the only platforms you can use to promote your video advert. Some examples of additional video platforms are:

  • Taboola, which places ads on some of the best websites in the world.
  • Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon.
  • Potx, an online platform that focuses only on video adverts. 
  • Exponential, an advertising platform that can connect you with up to 700 users located worldwide. 

4. Email marketing

Finally, you can also use your TV commercial as part of your email marketing campaign. Embed the video in one of your Newsletters or in your daily emails to extend your reach, raise conversions and increase sales. 

Aren’t traditional and online marketing opposites then? No, they aren’t. In fact, using them together will help you achieve higher levels of growth. The only barrier you may have is budget. If you have a limited budget analyse who is your target audience and the platforms they usually use and start investing in those areas. 

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the different video platforms you can use to reach larger audiences and maximise on your investment. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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