Amazon’s new feature: Amazon Product Video

21st July 2020

Making Amazon Product Videos

Amazon, todays powerhouse online store, has recently added a new feature to its website: Amazon Product Video. Some sellers (marketplace sellers and vendors) are able to include product videos to their Amazon listing as well as on their initial preview listings. Although product videos are not still available to all sellers, they will be soon standardised across the site. 

Why you need videos on your Amazon listing?

As mentioned in previous blogs, videos are a powerful marketing tool. Apart from being more engaging than images, they allow businesses to explain their product’s features and USP’s faster. It is not uncommon for an Amazon product picture to look like a little different from the real item. Here videos with a 3-dimensional actual look and feel improve the customer experience, driving conversions and increasing sales.

What’s more, in recent research 80% of people said that they feel more confident about making a purchase after watching a video while 1/4 customers have stated that they look for product videos on search engines like YouTube before buying an item. Thus, product videos are key in the buyer purchasing process and could be the deciding factor in boosting your sales.

In addition, many small companies and resellers will not be able to afford quality video production. Having a quality product video will help you position yourself as a leader in your market and help you to stand out from competitors. 

Finally, keywords search optimisation for Amazon product videos is key too. When doing a search, a product video containing your keyword will pop up catching the buyer’s attention. 

Types of video style used

The type of video style used will vary depending on the product. However, the most common types are:

  1. Product highlights video. It focuses on the product. An example will be a 360° view of the item.
  2. Customer experience video. It shows people using the product. It will help buyers understand the usefulness of the product.
  3. Explainer video. It focuses on the benefits of the product. It shows potential buyers how the product can solve their problems.
  4. Comparison video. It compares the product with the competitor’s or shows how the buyer’s life will be with and without it. 

Brands can further improve the customer experience uploading “Related-video shorts” which are placed above the reviews. Some examples are unboxing videos, how-to videos or testimonials. 

How much does an Amazon Product Video cost?

Amazon product videos are cheaper than a standard product video for a commercial. In fact, you can even use your own mobile phone to film them. 

Nevertheless, if you want to have a high quality look and feel for your product and you have the budget, we recommend you to hire a production company like ours. A high-end video production will have a greater impact on potential customers. 

Expect to pay anything from £500 to £5,000 depending on your video style and approach.

Amazon Product Videos tips

Whether you decide to film the video in-house or to hire a production company, here are some useful amazon product video tips:

  • Familiarise with Amazon’s video content policy. Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of content that are not allowed, so do take the content policy into account to avoid being penalised. 
  • Use high resolution photos and videos.
  • Focus on the product’s characteristics and benefits to convince potential customers.
  • Use your brand colours and include your logo
  • Keep the videos short (less than 1 minute).
  • Showcase your product in the first seconds. Otherwise, potential customers may lose interest or scroll down. 

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the types and benefits of Amazon product videos. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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