Corporate Video types that will help you outperform your competitors

Welcome to our blog on corporate video types – a must-have component of any successful marketing strategy. While they were once only accessible to larger organisations, the decreasing cost of production now makes them accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In the past, only large corporations could afford to produce high-quality videos, but the cost of production has significantly reduced in recent years, making it easier for small and medium-sized organisations to leverage this powerful marketing tool.

With so many different types of corporate videos available, choosing the right one for your business can be challenging. That’s why we have compiled a list of the 9 most effective corporate video types to help you make an informed decision.

By utilising these types, you can set your company apart from the competition and elevate your brand to new heights. So read on, and choose the type that best fits your unique business needs.

Most effective corporate video types

Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, save time and money on training, or create excitement around a new product launch, there is a corporate video type that can help achieve your goals.

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1. About us video

Most corporations have an “about us” page on their websites, which usually includes information about a company’s mission, values or the team behind it. Some of them share the information through video but the vast majority use images and texts.

Considering that video is the most preferred content type, I’ll recommend investing in video production. Especially if you want people to stay on the page. Create a short video summarising what you do, what you offer and the relationship you have with your customers. I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in the average time spent on the page.

2. FAQ videos

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) videos are a great way to address customers’ most common concerns or questions about your product, service or company. By creating a video that answers frequently asked questions, you can save a lot of time and effort that would have gone into answering those same questions individually through emails, chats or phone calls.

FAQ videos also demonstrate your expertise in the industry and build trust with your customers. When you provide clear and concise answers to their questions in a video, it shows that you understand their needs and have taken the time to anticipate their concerns. This can help establish you as an authority in your field and increase customer loyalty.

3. Product or service demo

A product or service demo video is an excellent way to showcase the features and benefits of your product or service. A demo video can give potential customers a better understanding of what your product does and how it works. This type of video is particularly useful for complex or technical products where a written description might not be enough to fully convey the value.

A product demo video can be as simple or as complex as you like. Some product demo videos are just a few minutes long and show the product in action, while others might include animated explainer videos or a detailed walkthrough of the product’s features. A service demo video, on the other hand, might showcase the different steps involved in delivering a service or highlight key benefits that might be hard to explain otherwise.

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4. Customer testimonial video 

Your own testimonials won’t influence your customers’ (or potential customers’) behaviour, mainly because you’ll never say a negative word about your product or service. Customer testimonials will influence them though. Therefore, let your customers do the talking for you. Make customer testimonial videos a powerful marketing tool.

5. Explainer video

If your business processes are complex and hard to explain, invest in an explainer video. Their visual elements simplify things and help viewers understand what’s behind the brand. Explainer videos are great for educational purposes too as they usually attract and engage viewers.

Most explainer videos use animation, but there exist real-live explainer videos too.

6. Conference & exhibitions video 

Organising a conference or an exhibition may take a lot of time and money. Make the most of it by investing in a conference or an exhibition video production. Apart from being able to extend the life span of the event, you’ll be able to use most of the shots for future marketing campaigns. Besides, the video can be live-streamed so that so people unable to attend the physical location do not miss out either.

7. Social media videos

A lot of people use social media these days and are really influenced by it. Sharing your company’s services, and connecting with consumers will help you build brand awareness. In addition, if the shared content is of value, videos will increase your credibility too.


8. Promotional videos

Promotional videos are there to get people excited about your new product or service. They should not include sales pitches though, but tell stories instead, as promotional videos with great storytelling and visuals are the ones that capture the audience.

9. Training Videos

Videos make it easier for employers to teach the same skills across different locations. Plus, it helps them save money as one-to-one coaching is way more expensive. In addition, videos can be re-watch. This gives employees the opportunity to revise something they didn’t understand at first. Lastly, it is easier to measure the effectiveness of a course if there is a video as the metrics can give you insights on the viewers’ engagement.


Overall, whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, save time and money on training, or create excitement around a new product launch, there is a corporate video type that can help achieve your goals. Thank you for reading and hope you find it interesting,



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