Complete guide on filming corporate video events and conferences

There is a long way to go from simply having one of your workers film some footage of your event with their mobile camera to mastering corporate event video production.

So, in today’s article, we’ll show you how to master corporate video event production by simply following certain recommendations that we at Impress usually follow.

But first, let us define what an event video is. Event videography is a type of video production that involves a videographer documenting social and special occasions on video.

Now that you have this clear, you need to know that these type of videos are a powerful asset to your company as the event video automatically becomes an extension of the event itself. Whether it’s selling the event before it happens or highlighting the key moments from the event, an Event Video is an excellent tool for attracting businesses as well as a larger audience to forthcoming events.

Moreover, in corporate events, video can serve as a great recap of the event’s highlights and what to look forward to next year. What’s more, segments from the event can serve as content for your internal communications, as well as features for upcoming marketing materials.

You need to focus on these things

To get the most out of your corporate event video, you’ll need to focus on a few key points, as seen in the video below.

1. Interaction between employees

After producing this sort of videos a number of times, we discovered that most businesses use these events for their employees to mingle and socialise. Mainly because most of the times they are dispersed over the UK. As a result, you may record your workers interacting with one another as they arrive at the event.

2. Guest speakers

Filming guest speakers at the event is key, especially key sound bites. You may also film extra clips before the event to include in the overall presentation of the event itself. Filming further guest speakers is a great way to capture more content at the event. You’ll also have a chance to capture fun highlights, if you have quirky activities and things to do at the event.

3. Testimonials

Finally, testimonials provided by the attendees giving their thoughts on the event are impactful, too.

Top tips to film an Event Video

Here there are some tips on how to film an event video production:

  • Do a recce of the venue to know where key locations are
  • Create a schedule for the filming team to know the key moments of the event. It’s a one-take-only opportunity
  • Designate a quiet area for talking head interviews
  • Film testimonials at the event and people who are keen to leave sound bites
  • Film key moments of any VIPs attending the event
  • Capture key sponsors for the exhibition
  • Film external shots of the location to give the event some context
  • Capture the atmosphere and decorative features
  • Be sure to send the video out to all key contributors to the event, so they can share the event too
  • Use an external recorder connected to a mixing desk to capture the best sound possible

Event Video Production at Impress

Finding it challenging to implement all of the above ideas and recommendations? Don’t worry, you can always contact us and let us handle the hard work.

Our Videography team at Impress Video has been filming corporate events and exhibitions for a number of years. In fact, the team at Impress Video has worked with corporate clients for a number of years, dealing with established brands across the UK. We understand the fast-paced nature at these events, as you only get one chance to capture a moment.

Our UK team has experience in producing video content for a number of corporate and commercial industries. However, our team not only has the creative and technical knowhow for creating video content but the knowledge and experience of how it fits in the user journey of your marketing approach.


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