What makes a good TV Advert?

26th March 2020

What is a TV Advert?

A TV Advert is powerful tool for advertisement. It conveys a message to a massive audience of potential consumers aiming to market a product or service. 

The standard length of TV Ads is 30 secs. However factors such as your budget, your brand awareness or the complexity of the message may affect the length of the TV Advert. What’s more, their price vary depending on how many people watch the programme your ad is in. 

Why TV Adverts over any other medium?

In 2018 online advertisement surpassed traditional TV advertisement. However, recent studies have shown that 60% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after viewing a TV Advert while only 40% do so after an online advert or social media ads. Thus, the best practice is to create a TV ad and use it online later on. Further brand awareness and engagement will be created.

Moreover, with TV Adverts larger audiences can be reached. It is easier to target your audience too. Finally, although TV Adverts are one of the most expensive ways of advertisement, their cost delivers trustworthiness. 

What makes a good TV Advert?

Here some tips to make a good TV Advert:

  • Grab attention in the first 3 seconds.
  • Tell a story. Stories can help forge an emotional connection with a company.
  • Forge an emotional connection with viewers. Humour and empathy are especially effective.
  • Include your target demographic audience in your ad.
  • Stick to time providing limited information. It takes up to 7 times before viewers remind the ad and act.
  • Add a call for action.
  • Merge and match you audio and video.
  • Schedule your TV Advert strategically. Choose the time your target audience is more likely to be watching the TV.

Remember to produce also support materials such as a website or a leaflet for your advert to capture the consumers you have engaged. 

TV Advert Production at Impress.

Our team at Impress Video has been filming TV Adverts for a number of years. In fact, we have worked with different well established brands across the UK. 

Our experienced UK team has the technical and creative knowhow required to create an impactful TV Advert, on budget and on time. We identify who your target audience is to define your strategy, provide ideas, film, edit and  distribute. Basically, we create TV Adverts from start to finish, always listening the clients’ thoughts and preferences. 

Check out some of our TV Ads we’ve produced.


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