YouTube Advertising vs TV Advertising. What’s best for brands?

13th August 2020

Nowadays, brands can advertise their products and/or services through several mediums. 2 of the most popular ones are TV advertising and YouTube advertising (YouTube Ads vs TV Ads). 

Although there are many similarities between them (you can reach large audiences, they both provide ROI…), there are also some differences that make Youtube video adverts a better option for small businesses. Here in this blog we will point out those differences.

YouTube Advertising vs TV Advertising

The main differences between Youtube Advertising and TV Advertising are:

YouTube Ads are less expensive than TV Ads

If you decide to promote your brand on TV, you’ll have to invest thousands to book air time. By the contrary, no minimum investment is required for YouTube ads.  In addition, with YouTube ads you pay per view. If the viewer clicks the “Skip the ad” button after the first 5 seconds, you won’t be charged for the ad spot. 

YouTube Ads have more reach than TV Ads

We live in a multi-device era and many people that watch TV have another screen in front of them. This may distract viewers from your message. Conversely, when people look for a YouTube video, their eyes are on the mobile phone or on the computer’s screen. Thus, chances are that they may watch at least part of your advert. 

What’s more, YouTube video ads can be easily shared through social media or email. This gives you even more exposure at no additional cost. 

YouTube Adverts have more targeting options than TV Ads

If you decide to advertise your product or service on YouTube, you’ll be able to target your audience by demographics, geography, interests or time of the day. You will also have more advanced targeting options like re-marketing. 

These targeting options help brands obtain a higher return on investment. It is important to get your ad in front of people, but it is even more important to get it in front of the right people. 

With YouTube Ads, it is easier to track your return on investment

With YouTube it is easier to track your campaigns. You can see the total number of views, CTR or the number of conversions within others. This information is harder to predict with TV ads. These tracking tools help you adjust your ad spend, focusing on those ads that work best and narrowing your target audience. 

It is easier for prospects to take action

If someone decides to take action after watching a TV ad, he/she may have to find his/her phone or computer to visit the company’s website or make a call. Or he/she may even have to go to the physical store or office to ask for more information. 

By the contrary, if this person sees the advert on YouTube, he/she can visit the company’s website with just a click on the advert. Here the offer will be further explained. 

Should I only use YouTube Advertising then?

Despite of the differences mentioned above, the channel used to advertise your product and/or service will depend on your budget, industry and target audience. 

If you have enough budget for example, you can invest in both. It will be useful to reiterate your message and measure the ROI success of the two platforms. If your target audience is 35 or older, it may be also interesting to promote your brand on TV as this group of people still spend a lot of time watching TV.

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the differences between TV advertising and YouTube advertising. 

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