Why is regionality in TV Adverts more important than we thought?

After everything we’ve lived and experienced, regional tv adverts are more significant than we anticipated. We are citizens of a community and a region, and the term “community” signifies more than ever. As a result, it is essential to take care of our region by focusing on them.

First and foremost we can accomplish this by prioritising regions where your stores are open or where your services are offered. And by customising our ad copy with appropriate messaging and accents.

For example, it may seem obvious, but when advertising to a British audience, use a British voiceover or well-known British people rather than American ones. Then, for each location, repeat the process. If your organisation is mostly based in Derby, Manchester, or another city, make your television commercial with that accent. It will for sure, increase your ROI and engagement.

importance of regional tv advertisements

Costs in regional TV Adverts

We all know expensive TV Adverts have great productions and all that. But if you are certain that investing in a regional tv advertisement is the best option for you, you can save a lot of money.

However, followed with having an effective tv advert production workflow to avoid risks, you can do some more things. For example, you can book your campaign on a weekly basis. Or you could even take advantage of late access to airtime without penalty.

On the contrary, some companies decide instead of advertising regionally, to advertise only in the most effective time slots there are, but that is up to you. Your preferences and budget will determine your actions.

It’s all about trial and error

Investing loads of money at the beginning to advertise nationwide might not be needed. To begin, we recommend you to avoid advertising with massive live reach at the same time (with 55 million users in the BBC, 51 in the Channel 4, about an audience of 45 m users on ITV… according to Statista‘s report). As a result, you may wind up breaking down by location and audience to experiment and learn from what works and what doesn’t.

In terms of 2022 rates, over half of tv advertisers are choosing this strategy to advertise their business, as regional tv advertisements can obtain successful rates for far less than £50,000.

Here there is an example of the ITV coverage areas:

Regional advertising areas in the UK(ITV)

Some regional tv advert examples

In the past, this type of advertising served as a catapult for many of the national businesses that exist today. They began by releasing television advertisements in one region and gradually expanded their reach. Here are a few examples:

  • Jet2 began airing commercials in the Yorkshire area of ITV. Then, as soon as they started adding airports, they decided to produce more adverts in other regions. They are now a major airline company on a national scale.
  • People’s Postcode Lottery first advertised solely in Scotland. However, as they expanded, they began advertising in new areas, eventually becoming a firm with millions of clients countrywide.

And these are not the only ones, as during the last months, ITV states that welcomed more than two hundred companies that were following this strategy.


We have seen that there is life after the pandemic, and that while there are many obstacles, there are also numerous opportunities. As a result, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money marketing yourself on national television on a huge scale, you can always do regional tv adverts. A basic regional test-and-control method can assist you in gaining some immediate learnings and victories.

We hope you found this blog interesting. Thank you for your time in reading it.


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