Company culture examples and tips you need for your business videos

First, we’ll discuss how we got into the video marketing era before getting in-depth into which company culture examples are the best to employ your strategy.

So now, there is no doubt that Gen Z and millennials are already present in the workplace. And why, you could ask, are you telling me this? Because their opinions and deeds have an impact on and affect what businesses do. We instantly note that they have introduced the use of video for promotions and many other media, which is one of the things they have done.

Before visiting a company’s website, many customers look to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to discover a little more about its culture.

And now linking the two aspects we just told you about, this is the reason why having a corporate culture video would be a terrific asset for the communication strategy of the firm and to reach even more applicants and future employees.

That’s why in this blog we will provide you some recommendations on how to create your cultural videos, We’ll also give you company culture examples so you can get some inspiration. 

Initial thoughts

good relationship between workers - company culture
company culture video

Type of company culture video

You can include the following brief overview of working at your company:

  • Asking existing workers for testimonials on what it’s like to work for the firm.
  • Exposing the personal lives of your staff 
  • Showcasing your actual workplace.
  • Outlining the kind of professional opportunities that are available.

Which resources you will need

Your first video doesn’t have to be difficult to make. Your HR staff can make a great culture video even if you don’t have much money to work with.

You can figure out if there are any of your staff members that have knowledge in video editing. Or otherwise, you may choose a simple video editing programme like iMovie, InShot, or Vimeo.

Adding a little bit of spice…

Spending additional time and money to create a compelling film that promotes your brand may be worthwhile. Mostly because we have observed how important company branding and workplace culture are becoming in both hiring and dealing with clients. 

Because of this, we advise using these videos and guarantee you that your investment will be justified. Don’t hesitate to approach a company like ours, Impress Video, who has years of experience making these kinds of videos to get your video made.

Company culture examples to create a quality video

Despite their differences, some of the best company culture videos we have done share a few essential characteristics. They used compelling narratives and eye-catching imagery to help the viewer picture themselves in that situation. So here is the list of tips you can follow:

1. Be honest about the identity of your company

Let the audience know who you are. What do you believe in? What sort of individuals will like working for you?  Which are your values? What qualities do you seek in new team members? 

While some people work best in small groups, others thrive in large teams with lots of communication. So that’s why you need to honestly portray your firm.

This was unthinkable decades ago, but today there are a growing number of companies with cool environments, complimentary lunches, chilling rooms, etc. But keep in mind that if you pretend to be someone you’re not, the wrong people will be drawn to you.

Use real people in corporate videos, here is why

2. Storytelling

The CEO, the head of marketing, the customer service representative, or the intern’s perspective can all be used to convey the story you want to tell.

It might be determined by the first employee hired or the last person to enter the building, depending on what you want to tell.

  • Have an older employee speak if you want to describe how the organisation has grown and changed for the better over the years.
  • Have a conversation with a new employer if you want to know what makes this firm unique compared to other businesses and what is shocking in a good way.

Enhance your brand with storytelling: the power of video

3. Use background music

Music is essential to the success of a fantastic video. Just consider one of your favourite movies. Take a moment to think about one of your favourite scenes without the music. Not good, is it?

Music has the power to significantly alter a setting and also makes emotions more apparent. So that is why we recommend you to use music to enhance the story you want to communicate.

Where to find music for your TV adverts

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