Why you should make Training Videos

25th March 2022

Why you should make Training Videos

We live in a world where anything happening can make it impossible for us to go to work, as in the case of Covid.

However, the work continues to pile up, demanding the development of new working methods that do not require face-to-face interaction.

Other domains, such as training videos, have developed and adapted to the internet environment as a result of online employment.

make training video - man making a training video

But what exactly are training videos?

They are videos that educate people on how to do something, as the name implies. But let’s take a step further to be sure you grasp what they are.

We can remark that, in addition to teaching firm employees, there are training videos targeted at other sectors such as schools.

Whether they are for one or the other audience, both are powerful ways to engage with viewers and help them learn topics quickly.

And what can we do with them?

Many people believe that they are only used by major corporations that use a lot of jargon and technicalities. However, this style of well-produced video may be used by all types of businesses. So here’s a short but detailed overview of what you can accomplish using training videos.

Training your employees

This is the most typical type of training video. Because of them, it is no longer required for a current employee to spend extra hours training new staff.

Either for new workers who need to understand the basics of how the organization works or for existing employees who require more training to do their duties.

Increase your publicity

If you manage to create a video that answers common questions, we recommend you not only to share it with your employees but also to share it online. This way, you increase your company’s traffic and recognition, which we all know never hurts.

Increase online traffic

As mentioned above, the more interesting the content is to the public, the more likely it is for people to recognise your company. This would lead to both the website and the company’s social media channels getting a boost.

Connect with your audience

Creating a video solving the most common questions of your customers is also a good reason why you should make training videos. This way you show that you care about them and that you are at their service. So by doing all this you can create a stronger bond with them.

make training video - watching a training video


You will for sure invest a certain amount in making the video. But once you have made it, you can use it for a long time before the information becomes outdated.

With the money you have saved, you can invest it in other parts of the company. It’s all benefits! So don’t hesitate to contact our staff. Here at Impress Video, we will help you in every process and we will execute your ideas.

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