Saying bye to 30-second tv adverts

Are we saying goodbye to 30-second Tv adverts? Or should we keep on making them?  Many advertisers are disputing which length is now the most efficient one for their TV commercials. And even whether or not that length has changed.

So, how long should a TV commercial be in order to grab the attention of the viewer and deliver your message?

In this blog, we will talk about these things and provide an outline of how the length of television commercials has changed throughout the years.

History of tv adverts length

Most television ads were roughly one minute long throughout the past two decades, and people seemed okay with that length.

Most television ads were roughly one minute long throughout the past two decades, and people were surprised by them.

However, as more companies wanted to promote their business on television, the length of these ads decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. As a result, there were twice as many advertisements in the same amount of time.

This modification was made not long ago. Despite that, significant shifts in consumer behaviour have led these thirty second advertisements to feel like 60-second spots from decades ago. 

30-second tv adverts

New TV Adverts duration

This shift in customer behaviour, along with significant research, encouraged marketers to shorten the length of their ads. But to what length?

Online advertisements on social media are already becoming even shorter, lasting as little as 10 seconds. However, we are talking about tv ads.

Companies in TV advertising must follow broadcasting guidelines and laws. These guidelines state that broadcasters need to assign a specific time slots for every  advertisement. 

Previously, the time slots were roughly 30 seconds long, and corporations choose the one that best suited their budget and projected ROI. However, there was an increased number of organisations wishing to advertise themselves. 

This, together with changes in client behaviour, caused this 30-second time slot to be divided in half. 

However, The duration also depends on the message advertisers want to convey to the audience. 

On the right hand, we know some companies may need an established plot with a huge story behind, so 30-second tv adverts are better for them.

However, on the other hand, after having worked with many companies, we have seen that 15 seconds is best for many other commercials. Advertisers manage to hook viewers, show the value of their product or service, and convince them to buy it.


So having this in mind, be clear in your message, follow this year trends gather all the ideas you can think of, and have an efficient TV Advert production workflow. Then, you will be able to choose the most creative one, and achieve amazing things with your 15 seconds video, like driving traffic to your website. We hope you found this blog interesting. Thank you for your time in reading it.


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